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Yellow fever vaccination valid for life - the exceptions

26 Oct. 2016 - 11:16
Yellow fever vaccination valid for life - the exceptions

The vaccine has not changed, but all countries were granted until 11/7/2016 to adjust their administrative systems accordingly. Travellers in possession of an old vaccination certificate (“yellow booklet“) do not have to apply for a new booklet and the certificate does not need to be amended either.

However, in some specific cases it is not certain whether the vaccine offers lifelong protection and a booster injection can be necessary.

The vaccination certificate is valid for 1 year and a single booster is required before the next trip (when any situation described below has passed) for:

  • Children younger than 9 months;
  • Pregnant women;
  • An interval of less than 28 days between the administration of the yellow fever vaccine and another live vaccine (for example, measles).

Testing for neutralising antibodies in the blood or repeat vaccination after 10 years is necessary for:

People with reduced immunity:

  • Due to HIV (irrespective of the CD4 count)
  • Due to medication (as is the case for the treatment of arthritis, high dose cortisone, etc.)
  • Persons who received a vaccination against yellow fever before they had a bone marrow transplantation (in this case revaccination is usually indicated, except in case of contra indication)

People with an increased risk:

  • Laboratory employees who work with wild yellow fever virus
  • People going to work in an area with outbreak of yellow fever